April 24th, 2020

Scope Creep

Scope creep is dangerous! The project management term "Gold Plating" is defined as going above and beyond the features of the project without the client’s/customer’s requests and as a result impacting the baseline of the project drastically. The scope baseline can be viewed as the promise and commitment that was made to the client and gold plating the project refers to going beyond that baseline. Here are a few basic principles to help with avoiding scope creep;

Begin with the end: Visualize and write down what you want your end product to look like. This can be accomplished by researching competitors or other completed project across various industries if they share similarities to your end product and creating diagrams where need. Below are a few additional tips that will assist beginning with the end product/project;

  • Create a journal/file specifically for brainstorming: Highlight the features that are essential and make your product unique or give users a competitive advantage.
  • Consider product adaptability in the future: Leave room to add features and expand the baseline of the product in the future as the your respective industry/market continues to evolve.
  • Analyze the progression of the market: Products/services are inching closer and closer to being solely between organizations and consumers.
  • Invest in project management tools/Hire a project manager: Scope creep can be costly and can also destroy your project in a variety of ways such as; 1) missing important deadlines, 2) losing buy-in from investors, potential clients and employees 3) increasing the costs of your project drastically. Investing in a project management tool for any product/service will assist with ensuring the baseline of your project is not impacted. Also, hiring a project manager for huge projects such as web/app development, marketing campaigns and other products/services will ensure that your project is completed and delivered as expected.

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