Tristan Tutors

The Company

Tristan Tutors focuses on improving test scores through instilling confidence, creating an environment for students to fully engage and translating problems & solutions that lead to results. We have three packages that continue to help students see the results they desire. With each package, students we can meet with students in person or via Skype.

The Problem

Tristan came to us needing to increase his digital presence & improve the quality of his website. When we had our first conversation he mentioned he was attempting to create his own videos and wasn't pleased with his website at the time either.

The Solution

We provided Tristan Tutors with our video production and web development package. After our first 45 minute discovery session, we concluded that he would need three videos to explain why students should choose him for tutoring services, a brief introduction about his tutoring company & an example walk through problem that shows his unique tutoring style. The website we developed communicates his message to his audience to receive, with each video carefully placed throughout the website. In addition, his website is hosted by us.


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