Tristan Tutors

Tristan tutors is a tutoring service in Northern Virginia. With his business growing he needed a more digital presence to increase his reach and availability to his target audience. After the first discovery session we knew exactly what Dr. Tristan Sissung needed.

We provided video production, photography and web design services to help Tristan Tutors establish an online presence. Videos increases on conversions of website visitors and are served as a great way of communicating Tristan's message.

Video Production Web Design & Content Curation


"Since my tutoring business is expanding beyond the local area, we needed a website update. We had Solutions Eighty Seven completely overhaul our site and produce new videos. Seann and Josh were very responsive and helpful during the process, and we found them to be very knowledgeable and professional. The site and videos look great, and the website has attracted many new customers. I am delighted to recommend Solutions Eighty Seven!"

Dr. Tristan Sissung
Tristan Tutors

Project Overview

We provided 3 high quality videos for Tristan Tutors and a highly function website. Above is one of the videos we produced, "Why Tristan Tutors". During the covid-19 pandemic it was important that Tristan Tutors began to further establish their digital presence and we were able to turn this project (three video and one website) around in one month. In addition, we created his youtube and instagram pages, along with updating his facebook page.

Service Locations
  • Northern Virginia

  • Florida

Services Provided
  • Video Production

  • Story Boarding

  • Web Development

  • Photography

  • HTML & CSS

Skills & Software
  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Final Cut Pro

  • Wordpress

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