Company Profile

Solutions Eighty Seven exists to smoothly transition organizations into the digital age.

We accomplish our mission by moving organizations into deeper levels of automation, developing efficient strategies, creating engaging content and writing memorable stories for audiences. As a result, organizations will achieve both short-term and long-term goals such as;

  • Increased profit margins
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Increase profit margins
  • Become more digital
  • Automate redundant processes


    Three words that define who we are as an organization are; 1) fun, 2) friendly and 3) functional. This reflects through our work! We can take a complex problem and create a simplified solution that is fun and engaging, friendly enough for our clients to grasp the concept and duplicate the process, and functional to achieve your desired results.

  • Yesterday's challenge is today's opportunity.

    We are familiar with the obstacles that organizations face and understand the tension between executing tasks and learning new skills to remain competitive. The digital revolution is rapidly changing the business landscape and many organizations are being left behind. A few ways in which the digital revolution has impacted the business landscape are;

  • Instant Communication
  • Content Overload
  • Big Data
  • Increased need for transparency
  • Rapid Changes
  • We Facilitate Growth for Businesses

    We are a complete digital marketing agency and we focus on developing digital strategic growth plans for organizations and services needed to execute those strategic plans. In addition, we partner with other organizations that can assist with your customized strategy. Whether you need a business/marketing plan, content, email marketing, social media marketing, app development, database development/analytic services, Solutions Eighty Seven can assist you.

    Core values for our success

    Our values drive everything we do for our clients. These our pillars for not only our own success but also for the success of your own organization.

  • Consistency | Create systems that deliver results
  • Creativity | The same message can be deliver in various forms
  • Content | Simplicity is effective and complexity is confusing
  • Capability | Going further is wiser than going faster
  • Capacity | Healthy growth is better than being unsustainable