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Solutions Eighty Seven is a catalyst for ownership, empowerment & marketing experiences that turns an audience into a community. The race isn’t for the swift but for those who remain steadfast in their mission.

Cheat codes do not exist when pursuing excellence, freedom & success. One idea, one concept, one dream, can inspire the masses. Our company, our mission & our values, stand as a promise to our clients, friends & family.

Let's capture creativity and create content.


"We asked Solutions Eighty Seven to create a number of videos for our virtual graduation ceremony. Zoom meetings can get pretty monotonous, we knew we needed professional-grade videos to really make the event special, and Solutions Eighty Seven came through! They were very flexible with our team, incorporating our feedback and delivering a quality product in a timely manner that we were able to repurpose and use in our marketing efforts as well. Everyone was impressed by the caliber of the videos, and it truly took our event to the next level. Would highly recommend working with them, you won't be disappointed!"

Anna Chiles
Marketing & Brand Manager of Dog Tag Inc

"Solutions Eighty Seven has developed event videos for our non-profit charity events at Mosaic Virginia for several years and we have been pleased with the final product every time. They work well with everyone involved in the production – all levels of staff and our clients. Their videos are always beautifully done, professional and very well received by our audience. Josh and Seann are a pleasure to work with – they are creative, hardworking, and have the highest integrity in everything they do."

Team Statement
author virginia

"Buy the dip!"

Eman Pahlavani
Founder & COO of Hungry
author virginia

"Solutions Eighty Seven agrees that every child deserves access to an excellent education! The 2020 school year hit harder when virtual learning began. They donated a brand new HP laptop & printer to a well deserving student. Johanne is one of 4 siblings & her parents work hard to make ends meet. Like my parents growing up, her family works around the clock to ensure that their daughters needs are met. They prioritize education & want the best for their daughters. Unfortunately, Johanne’s grades began slipping when all four girls needed to share one device. When the laptop & printer was given to Johanne, her face lit up! She couldn’t believe that she had her own laptop. With determination, she pulled her grades up & got back on track in school. It truly takes a village to raise a child & I am grateful for the generosity of the team & I am more at ease knowing that I’m not alone in the fight for educational equity!"

Ingrid Aguiar
Elementary Teacher
Miami, Florida

"Since my tutoring business is expanding beyond the local area, we needed a website update. We had Solutions Eighty Seven completely overhaul our site and produce new videos. Seann and Josh were very responsive and helpful during the process, and we found them to be very knowledgeable and professional. The site and videos look great, and the website has attracted many new customers. I am delighted to recommend Solutions Eighty Seven!"

Dr. Tristan Sissung
Tristan Tutors

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Marketing isn't about the "stuff" you provide, it is about the stories you tell. Have your story to told across various marketing channels. Centralizing all your digital marketing needs with us delivers more control, better quality, saves time and other valuable resources.


We have the correct resources to make your digital marketing unique and more impactful. Schedule a free 45 minute discovery session, tell us your story and let us turn your story into results.


Video Production

& Effective

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Video advertising is extremely effective! Over 90% of B2B prospects consume videos online and over 30% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product/make a decision after watching a video ad. In addition, your audience is more likely to share video content with their peers.


Make a lasting impression and seperate yourself from the competition by investing in video content.

Web Development

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  • Hosting Services

We believe that at the core of any great website is that users can easily navigate the website. We promise to capture the essence of your organization and deliver a final product that truly feels like home to all your visitors. This is accomplished by spending time with you and intentionally learning your business processes, values, mission while seamlessly incorporating your brand into each element of your website to enhance user experience.

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